Once a Tree Woodworks Rocking Chairs High River AlbertaFine wood rocking chairs, Sam Maloof inspired High River Alberta


I have been a self-taught hobby woodworker for thirty-five years. When the opportunity came for a career change, woodworking was an easy choice. I attended William Ng's School of Fine Woodworking in Southern California to learn the art of chair making.

We select the pieces of wood to fit each part of the chair so the grain of the wood will be properly orientated for maximum strength and beauty. Once the wood is selected, each part is laid out by tracing patterns on the wood.
Then they are cut out on the bandsaw. A template is attached to each piece and they are shaped on a shaper. This ensures each piece will fit together exactly. Each joint is cut with the correct saw, router and specialized bits.

The joint is then test fitted and inspected to make sure the joint fits perfectly. Once all the joints are a perfect fit, the legs are jointed to the seat with epoxy glue and reinforced with screws for a joint that will last for life.

After the chair is assembled, the shaping is done using a variety of shaping tools and rasps to bring the chair to final shape. Then it is sanded from 60 grit to 400 grit sandpaper to a flawless finish. The finish is a hand rubbed mixture of oils that bring out the natural grain of the wood that truly makes each chair unique. My rocking chairs truly cradle the body for comfort, that can only be appreciated when you sit in it.

When I am finished with a chair it is like it has become an old friend, one that has walked many miles with me. Each piece that I make is special to me, not simply because I have hand selected the materials, and labored over each detail, but because I hope it represents a special part of someone's future.